The Oritz Group, headquartered in the vicinity of San Francisco, California, and with established subsidiaries in Tokyo, Japan, has been a prominent player in the food industry since its establishment in 1975.

With unwavering diligence, we have evolved into experts in exporting a diverse range of products not only from the United States to destinations worldwide but also from various European countries to Japan. This expansion solidifies our role as a reliable partner in the global food supply chain. Specializing in meat, wine, and processed foods, as well as offering a diverse array of products, our versatile company is dedicated to excellence.

Engaging in the processing, exporting, and distribution of a wide array of high-quality food products both domestically and internationally, our commitment to superior service extends to our operations in Japan. Here, our local presence enhances our ability to effectively serve Japanese partners and customers. The Oritz Group continues to stand out as a trusted name in the industry, contributing to the global culinary landscape with top-quality products.